Sunday, July 09, 2006

Summer Mission Co-Op Program

The 2006 Mission Co-Op Program has now started in our diocese. Through the Mission Co-Op program, mission dioceses and mission-sending communities and groups are assigned to each of our parishes and missions. Each year, over 200 groups apply and we carefully chose just 20 at make appeals in our diocese.

Missionaries are coming from around the world including Haiti, the Philippines, India, Mexico, Peru, and Africa. The Mission Co-Op Program has a duel purpose: to help support missions financially and also to build solidarity with the poor and needy throughout the world. Last year in our diocese,over $230,000 went to these groups from your generous donations!

Missionary speakers are an under-utilized resource. They love to tell their stories. Invite them to give a talk to your school or group in the parish or just to have coffee after mass. They have much to share. For the name of your parish's assignment, date of their visit, and contact information, email Sylvia at


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