Monday, October 16, 2006

November 2006 Election

There are 13 propositions on the November ballot ranging from bond measures for transportation, housing, education and disaster preparedness to initiatives and/or constitutional amendments dealing with punishment for sexually violent predators, water quality, parental rights, healthcare, energy, parcel taxes to increase education funding, financing of political campaigns, and property rights.

The Human Concerns Commission (HCC) of the Diocese of San Jose and Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County have taken positions in support of three of the propositions: 1C, 85, and 86:

  • Proposition 1C, Housing and Emergency Shelter Trust Fund Act of 2006 - To issue bonds in the amount of $2.85 billion to provide shelters for battered women and their children, housing for low-income seniors, homeownership assistance for the disabled, military veterans and working families, and repairs to apartments for families and the disabled. Also supported by Catholic Charities of California.
  • Proposition 85, Waiting Period and Parental Notification before Termination of Minor's Pregnancy - Also strongly supported by the California Conference of Catholic Bishops. This proposition will amend the constitution to prohibit abortion for a minor until 48 hours after a physician notifies the minor's parent or guardian, except in medical emergency.
  • Proposition 86, Tax on Cigarettes - Will propose an additional $2.60 per pack excise tax on cigarettes to provide funding for various health programs, including coverage for children. Also supported by the Alliance of Catholic Health Care. They say, "Passing Proposition 86 is central to our common health and continuing the healing ministry of the Church."

The HCC has prepared a Voter Guide for distribution. Click here for a copy in English and click here for a copy in Spanish.

In addition to the HCC Voter Guide, the following is a list of approved voting material that can be distributed in parishes and Catholic institutions in the diocese:

  • Proposition 1C - Bulletin announcements and a fact sheet from Catholic Charities of California. For a copy, click here.
  • Proposition 85 - Extensive information in Spanish and English from the California Catholic Conference. This includes the statement from the Bishops, bulletin announcements, flyers, and other materials. For more information, click here.
  • Proposition 86 - The Alliance of Catholic Health Care has downloadable bulletin material in Spanish and English on their website,
  • CCC Voter Summary - Available from the California Catholic Conference. A useful summary of all the propositions and the relevant excerpts from Catholic Social Teaching. For the summary, click here.
  • Official Voter State Information Voter Guide - from the State of California, Secretary of State is available by clicking here.
  • Faithful Citizenship - The US Conference of Catholic Bishops' statement and material on political responsibility for Catholics. See here.

Don't forget to VOTE on NOVEMBER 7!!


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