Friday, June 15, 2007

Physician-Assisted Suicide "Shelved" in California

On June 7, 2007, the authors of the Compassionate Choices Act, which would have legalized suicide in California, realizing they did not have the votes, declined to bring the bill to a vote on the Floor of the Assembly. The office of Assemblyman Levine reported that the authors would make it a two-year bill—which means it would be considered again in January 2008. For the full story, see the recent newsletter from the California Catholic Conference.

This bill was stopped due to the strong advocacy of the Catholic community in collaboration with many other groups such as LULAC-The League of United Latin American Citizens and disability rights organizations. Locally, several pastors made calls to legislators and many grassroots leaders including those who traveled to Sacramento on Catholic Lobby Day were instrumental in making our voice known.

At this point, however, the issue has not been defeated; only delayed. The California Catholic Conference has prepared several useful resources to educate ourselves and the community in the meantime. Please note below:

Materials For Distribution In Parishes:
What’s Wrong with Assisted Suicide (two-page bulletin insert) English Spanish
What is the Catholic Position on Physician-Assisted Suicide (one page information/discussion piece) English Spanish
Religion and the Public Square (one page information/discussion piece) English Spanish
The Truth About Assisted Suicide (Prepared by the coalition, Californians Against Assisted Suicide)
Two Page Discussion of AB 374


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