Thursday, August 23, 2007

Blue Bag Project at Holy Spirit - BE THE CHANGE!

Holy Spirit Parish has recently embarked on a very successful Blue Bag Project as part of their parish-wide committment to care for God's Creation. Once a month, after all weekend masses, colorful blue bags are made available for $1 each. These bags are to be used in place of plastic grocery bags and are re-usable, lightweight, and washable. By using these bags, the families at Holy Spirit will reduce the number of paper and plastic bags entering the local garbage landfill by as many as one million per year!

With the purchase of these "Be The Change" bags, the parish and its families make a tangible commitment to action on behalf of the environment by:

  • Purchasing a sufficient supply of bags

  • Making every effort to use the bags in place of plastic or paper bags

  • Looking for additional opportunities to care for God's creation recycling and encouraging others to use the bags

These bags serve as their commitment to stewardship for God's planet and as a visible symbol for change. In fact, Pastoral Associate, Penny Warne says, "We're seeing these bags everywhere. Some have even been spotted walking across the famous Abbey Road in London. We have noticed that our local grocery stores are now selling similar bags with their store logos!"

Congratulations to Holy Spirit!

Are you interested? See or contact Penny at Holy Spirit to see how to get started


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