Monday, March 31, 2008

Just Faith - New Opportunties

JustFaith has been active in the Diocese of San Jose for over six years. During this time, hundreds of people have participated and are now active, passionate advocates for justice in parishes and in the community.

Elizabeth Lilly of Catholic Charities is coordinating the program and would love to speak to any parish group about starting or maintaining a group and about several new opportunities offered this year. Contact Liz at or at (408) 325-5262.

JustFaith Ministries currently offers five programs:
JustFaith (Catholic) – The flagship program, used in over seven hundred Catholic parishes involving 12,000 people, is a thirty week process that empowers participants to develop a passion and thirst for justice, and prepares them for the work of social ministry.
JustFaith (Ecumenical) – This program is an adapted version of JustFaith (Catholic) for the larger Christian family. It is also a thirty week process focused on the call to be about God’s compassion and justice (see above).
JustSkills – This twenty session program is primarily focused on the practical skills involved in organizing, strategizing and effectively doing social ministry in the parish or church.
JusticeWalking – Crafted for older high school students and their mentors, this twelve session process engages participants in a spiritual journey and exploration of the radical call of the Gospel.
JustMatters – Patterned after the JustFaith process, these shorter 6-8 session programs focus on a very specific topic and allow participants to give increased attention to one issue, culminating in a call to engaged action. Currently, modules are offered on Climate Change and Prison Reform.

These programs are tools that have proven over and over again to be effective strategies for training and forming individuals to be agents of social transformation. They are exciting opportunities for parishes, churches, dioceses and small faith communities interested in expanding and promoting social ministry.


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