Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Happy Summer! Welcome!

Welcome to the summer issue of Faith Doing Justice!

This is a time when we try to catch up in the office - take vacations and do some planning for the upcoming year. Yet, it seems to be a busy time...the pace of the world goes on relentlessly and we can only hope that what we do makes a difference in the world around us.

I rejoice that because of the generosity of people throughout the diocese, we were able through CCHD to fund seven local projects working to empower the poor in our diocese. With the help of the U.S. bishops' Catholic Campaign for Immigration Reform, we are beginning to look seriously on the important issue of immigration reform and a diocesan committee is being formed to implement the Campaign. This summer, mission groups from throughout the world will visit our parishes for the annual mission co-op appeal.

Throughout the diocese and the local community, people are working on behalf of others - to improve schools, support immigrants, defend life, support the rights of workers, to advocate for debt relief for the world's poorest nations, and pray for peace.

In this year of the Eucharist, I am reminded of the words of Pope John Paul II, "We cannot delude ourselves: by our mutual love and in particular by our concern for those in need, we will be recognized as true followers of Christ. This will be the criterion by which the authenticty of our Eucharistic celebrations is judged." (Mane Nobiscum Domine #28).

We have much to celebrate!

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