Sunday, July 09, 2006

New Social Justice Column in Valley Catholic

A column for social justice has just been implemented in the Valley Catholic by the Human Concerns Commission (HCC). The first column on immigration by Gloria Cutshall appeared in the June edition. There will be a monthly column in which Diocesan Liaisons will write articles on particular topics of importance in our local and regional community.

Diocesan Liaisons are individuals who have expertise in specific areas such as the death penalty, access to health care, affordable housing, bioethics, labor issues & the working poor, elderly, mental health, immigration, and other key topics. They assist the Human Concerns Commission by providing testimony and research when requested and also by keeping the HCC informed of crucial issues. Each has been asked to contribute an article on a particular topic based on their perspective.

Thank you to Roberta Ward, Valley Catholic editor for supporting this effort.


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