Tuesday, December 12, 2006

St. Christopher Parish Liaison Quoted in New Justice Publication

The Social Justice Liaison for St. Christopher Parish, Tom Walsh has been quoted in the new book, "My Lord and My God: Engaging Catholics in Social Ministry" written by Jeffry Odell Korgen, Director of Social Ministries at the National Pastoral Life Center in New York City.

Tom is a graduate of the JustFaith Program at St. Christopher and was interviewed in connection with his experience in the program. Tom also traveled with Catholic Relief Services on an Immersion Trip to El Salvador.

In the book, Tom describes his decision after experiencing Just Faith to adopt a simpler lifestyle:

"I've been in the process of radically changing the way I live. The nine months that we went through JustFaith opened by eyes to how our world is and what I could do about it. It was like I have known this all my life and had never faced it, and now it was impossible not to face it. It was exhilarating.

In order to change anything at all, I had to start by changing the way I live my life. We now try to live more simply. As a result, our expenses are five hundred dollars a month less. The savings goes to Bread for the World and Catholic Charities. We cut our food budget by 40 percent. We cut our clothing budget 50 percent, entertainment by 80 percent..."

In our diocese, over 250 people have completed the JustFaith program and have had similar experiences. To find out about the program, see www.justfaith.org or contact Elizabeth Lilly at elilly@ccsj.org.

To purchase a copy of the book, go to Amazon or to the National Pastoral Life Center at www.nplc.org.


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