Wednesday, November 22, 2006

St. Catherine's Movie Night

On November 21, St. Catherine's Parish in Morgan Hill hosted the showing of the documentary film, "Dying to Live: A Migrant's Journey." The event was coordinated by St. Catherine's Parish Social Justice Liaison, Mario Banuelos.

Mario wanted to highlight the issue of comprehensive immigration reform. As he was quoted in the Morgan Hill Times, "We want a road to legalization for all the illegal immigrants who are here. We want them to be able to come out of the shadows...with dignity and to be functional in society." To reach out to youth and their families, he invited the confirmation class, their parents, and sponsors.

Over 60 people from the parish and community came. Many came forward and offered their personal stories - of coming across the border, of being an Irish or Italian immigrant. It was an opportunity to put a human face on the issue. This is a real example of the work that many parish liaisons are doing on important issues. Congratulations to St. Catherine's, and to Mario and the team!

"Dying to Live" is a 33-minute documentary produced by the Institute for Latino Studies at Notre Dame University. To obtain a copy, see:

here for article featuring the event in the Morgan Hill Times.


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