Friday, June 15, 2007

Just Faith II - New Program Offered by Catholic Charities

This year, in addition to Just Faith, Catholic Charities will offer Just Faith II: Skills for Social Ministry, a new program recently developed by Just Faith Ministries which focuses on developing practical skills for social ministry.

JustFaith II provides participants with the opportunity to develop the skills to effectively and deliberately lead their parish’s social ministry beyond impassioned individuals toward an organized, communal, sustainable response.

The sessions will focus on spiritual formation, education on key social issues, and skill development. Topics for skill development include: strategies for building social ministry within the parish, community organizing, legislative advocacy, leadership development, dialogue and facilitation, justice education, and global solidarity.

For more information on Just Faith or Just Faith II, contact Liz Lilly at 408-325-5263 or by email at

Click here for a fact sheet and application.


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