Sunday, August 26, 2007

Labor Day Speak Out - 20 Parishes to Participate

It has become a tradition in our diocese that each Labor Day weekend, to remember and honor workers, many of our parishes participate in Labor Day Speak-Out. In this way, we again have the opportunity to remember that as Catholics, the dignity of work and the rights of workers are central elements to Catholic Social Teaching.

Organized by the Interfaith Council, this activity each year highlights a particular concern affecting area workers. Last year, the theme was the exploitation of hotel workers. As a result of presentations at Catholic parishes and other congregations throughout the valley, over 15,000 cards were signed in support of humane working conditions for hotel workers.

This year, the focus will be contract workers - those who often work in temporary or part-time positions and who do qualify for even minimal benefits.

During Labor Day Speak-Out, at the invitation of the parish, workers will give their testimony during mass and congregants will have the opportunity to add their names to statement supporting workers.

This year, 20 of our Catholic parishes in the Diocese of San Jose will be participating in this annual event.


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