Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Welcome to the Fall 2006 Edition!

I love the fall, but it always makes me feel a bit nostalgic about the things that are passing away. The brillance of the summer gives way to the changing of the leaves and the coming darkness of winter. At the same time, it holds the promise of what is to come.

This month, I had the opportunity to co-facilitate a Just Faith opening retreat. I found that my skills of being a retreat leader were somewhat "rusty" after a few years away from this ministry, but also I found it a wonderfully enriching experience. I am always amazed and grateful that so many in our diocese - over 250 now - have completed the Just Faith process which includes 10 months of weekly meetings, several retreats, and the reading of 10-15 books. There they were - all busy - but making the time to share their lives and experiences with others and to learn how to live out their faith and call to justice more fully in the world.

As of this month, the Just Faith ministry for the diocese will be handled by Liz Lilly at Catholic Charities. Liz is a Just Faith graduate herself and a strong proponent who coordinated the process when she was at Sacred Heart. I am very grateful to Liz for offering to assume this responsibility as I know it will be in very good hands. There is a sense of the old passing away - but I know also that this is a wonderful sign of new growth and new opportunities in the future.



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