Thursday, October 12, 2006

Work of Human Hands - Holiday Sales of Fair Trade Handicrafts

Now that the holidays are around the corner, have you considered hosting a Work of Human Hands sale at your parish or school?

These sales are a way for Catholics to live in solidarity with poor people overseas. Hosting a Work of Human Hands sale also creates a memorable event for your community, making socially responsible shopping fun and easy.

It's really easy...I did it myself at the diocese and the handicrafts are beautiful. In addition, you can order foods such as fair trade coffee, tea, chocolate, nuts and oils.

You simply order a preselected package on consignment. You will keep 10% of the sales proceeds and return what you don't sell.

What does it mean to purchase items that are fairly traded? It means that the people who produce them earn a fair price, have access to credit and training, and maintain long-term relationships with A Greater Gift rooted in human dignity and economic justice.

This is a meaningful, hands-on activity for social justice committees, Just Faith groups, and youth and other groups. To obtain a free packet, call 1-800-685-7572 or visit You can also do your Christmas shopping on the site!


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