Thursday, December 14, 2006

What is CLEM?

Are you curious? I hope so!

One of the components of the Diocesan Pastoral Plan is:

"The recruitment, development and support of lay leaders to meet the changing needs of the Church. "

"There can be no doubt that God is calling us to embrace the gift of vocation to lay leadership." (Renewing the Church, Pastoral Plan of the Diocese of San Jose, p. 21)

The Diocese of San Jose is blessed to have many dedicated, competent men and women who have been entrusted with roles that entail ministerial leadership within parishes, hospitals, schools, church organizations, and diocesan offices.

In our parishes, especially are a number of laymen and women who serve as Lay Ecclesial Ministers in collaboration with clergy and other lay staff members.

To recognize this new category of ministers, the diocesan Council for Lay Ecclesial Ministers (CLEM) was established in March 2006. Ecclesial Lay Ministers are recognized with a commissioning ceremony. Several have been commissioned already in the fall.

In our Diocese, Lay Ecclesial Ministers:

  • Are authorized by the bishop to serve publicly in the local church
  • Work in close collaboration with the ordained clergy
  • Have a significant degree of theological formation
  • Are recognized by the parish community as persons with authority
  • Are able to preside at services such as Good Friday and Funeral Vigils
  • Administer, facilitate, plan, train leaders, hire, manage budgets and calendars
  • Have at least five years of experience

The CLEM has been meeting regularly to plan retreats and other events. Please watch for further announcements including additional information in the Valley Catholic.


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